My Presentation Topics

1. Differentiation: Building Success for All, Grades K-12

2. Engage with the Common Core State Standards, K-12

3. Diving Into Deeper Learning, Grades 4-12

4. Teaching With Poverty in Mind, Grades K-12

5. SavvyVocab: Making Words Their Own, Grades K-12

6. Differentiating Classrooms: The Tiered Approach, Grades K-12

7. Assessment Over- Easy Please, Grades K-12

8. Super Highway: Understanding the Adolescent Brain, Grades 6-12

9. Make Processing A Priority: Differentiated Ways to Process Information, Grades K-12

10. Differentiating Classrooms, K-12

11. Got Memory Rules? Grades K-12

12. Brain-Smart Foods that Maximize Learning, Grades K-12, PARENTS

13. Breaking the Content-Area Reading Code for Successful Comprehension, Grades 4-8

14. The Lesson Plan Lifesaver (Brain-Based and Highly Differentiated), Grades K-12

15. Right Words = Write Well (Word Choice), Grades 4-8

16. Calming the Raging Storms of Stress, Grades K-12, PARENTS

17. Raising Resilient Children, Grades K-12, PARENTS

18. Low Prep or High Prep Differentiated Strategies: You Choose! Grades K-12

19. Successful Summarizing Strategies, Grades 4-12

20. Bump Up the Questioning, Grades 4-8

Keynotes: Maximizing the Mind, DARE to Engage the Brain,


*Over 50 topics available

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